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Perfection Section

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Eddie Guerrero Pictures

Eddie Guerreros Motto was lie cheat and steal he was one of the most paid 4funniest guys on t.v.He had a Wife called vicky and three kids.He loved them very much and they were his whole life.He was alos very close to his nephew which he reffers to as his brother.They were a tag team called "Los Guerreros".He was also part of a stable called "The Radicalz" which was Dean Malenko,Chris Benoit,Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero.


Los Guerreros
Eddie Guerrero(left) Chavo Guerrero Jr.(right)

The Radicalz
Standing From left to right: Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Perry Saturn. Ground:Dean Malenko

Los Guerreros
With Tag Team Title Belts